Hello and welcome to this new project that

Hello and welcome to this new project that I been considering for ages but have never put the engines to work up until today.

I was gonna be an English/Chinese Interpreter at one point in life. But then life got in the middle. Things started to get seriously rocky and my brain got frozen in time. Lack of undersanding and love and support let me to be seriouslly ill. An array of bad medical diagnosis and  couple of truckloads of prescription medications later that I recently found out I didn’t need to start with led me to the worst of the endings. I had to quit.

I am no longer fresh in my 20’s and I lack of support, moral and financial. So all my dreams and hopes went down the flusher. Currently I am working on myself, trying to be healthy and happy once and for all. But it is an arduous task, when the only person you can truly rely on is yourself. It devastates me to realise that I had my chance and blew it. Not intentionally, but I blew it anyways.


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